Ein Batteriespeicher von TRICERA energy steht an einer Photovoltaikanlage und speichert erzeugten Strom

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Innovative battery storage systems
for your energy projects

TRICERA energy offers customized battery storage systems made from new and used batteries, including batteries from the automotive sector. Our systems enable you to optimize your energy use from fluctuating renewable sources.

The service life of batteries is usually limited to a few years. Integrating them in our storage systems gives them a second life – benefitting the environment and your energy projects.

What we do

We buy the batteries, classify them, develop the projects and build the storage systems. We also operate and maintain the storage systems – and take care of recycling the batteries at the end of their service life. This way, we complete the life cycle of batteries – creating solutions for sustainable energy supply at the same time.

Advancing projects together

You need support in project development, are interested in our system solutions or want to find out more about TRICERA? We’ll be glad to advise you and work with you to find the best solution for your specific challenge.

Current topics

Two employees wearing yellow high-visibility vests look inside a container with racks and storage modules.
ees Europe: trade fair in Munich
We will be presenting our latest products at Europe's largest trade fair for batteries and energy storage systems.
Management of various battery types
Management of various battery types
JT Energy Systems produces CO2-neutral batteries for e-forklift trucks, for example. They commissioned TRICERA to develop and install its new battery storage system.
Balancing fluctuating renewables
Balancing fluctuating renewables
To charge lorries and vehicles, Topregal has installed a PV on their roof. When the sun is not shining, TRICERA's battery storage solution supplies the energy.

Our vision: 100% renewable energy everywhere in the world. You want this too? Then join our team!