Project development

From planning to implementation

TRICERA is currently developing over a dozen battery storage projects in Germany and around the world. We offer flexible designs, ranging from stand-alone energy storage to combinations with photovoltaic or wind energy systems for energy generation. TRICERA solutions can also be used for energy trading and grid stabilization.

Looking for a tailor-made battery storage system? TRICERA supports the entire project development process – from market analysis via the feasibility study through to the final approval process.

Market analysis: expertise
in the utility-scale sector

TRICERA analyses electricity markets to identify potential income streams from energy production and system services. Battery storage systems enable companies to market renewable electricity when prices are at their highest. Our market analysis provides energy suppliers and capital investors with the knowledge they need for making financially sound investment decisions. Based on our market analysis you’ll be able to combine stand-alone battery storage and hybrid power facilities in the best possible way.

Feasibility study and simulation

Different companies, businesses and municipalities will have their own view of what constitutes an optimal battery storage system. Not only will it depend on the intended use but also on the respective framework conditions. TRICERA’s simulation tool helps to pinpoint the best solutions by considering the framework conditions of each planned use case. The simulation tool also considers generation capacities, load profiles, and the intrinsic properties of the battery system. We’ll present our simulation results in a clear and simple way so you can assess your plans quickly and easily.

Photovoltaics: harnessing solar power, anytime

TRICERA helps municipalities, agricultural enterprises, and businesses to replace their conventional, fossil-based electricity supply with renewable energy. This makes them less dependent on electricity prices.

Agri-photovoltaics, or Agri-PV, will be of particular interest to agricultural businesses. This involves the shared use of a single area for both photovoltaics and agriculture. In combination with battery storage systems, the energy generated can be flexibly used, saving on the cost of mains power and supporting greater independence.