Comercial & Industrial Battery Storage Indoor

> 100 kWh

Comercial & Industrial Battery Storage Outdoor

> 300 kWh

Battery Energy Storage System

> 2 MWh

Use cases of our battery storage systems

Isolated load peaks in com­pa­nies can result in high cos­ts. During the load peak, ener­gy is released from the bat­tery sto­rage sys­tem to cover the load peak and thus com­pen­sa­te for the grid load.


  • Reduction of peak loads (saving of the annu­al power price)
  • Avoidance of grid expan­si­on in the event of pro­duc­tion expan­si­on or the addi­ti­on of char­ging sta­ti­ons (saving of invest­ment costs)

Self-con­sump­ti­on opti­miza­ti­on is the use of self-gene­ra­ted solar power, in which excess solar power is tem­po­r­a­ri­ly stored in the bat­tery sto­rage and released at a later time to cover its own elec­tri­ci­ty consumption.


  • Increased inde­pen­dence from the power grid and rising elec­tri­ci­ty prices
  • Increase of self-con­su­med PV electricity
  • Reduction of peak loads

With a PV sys­tem, your elec­tric cars can be char­ged with green ener­gy. Combined with a bat­tery sto­rage sys­tem, you can thus also char­ge the car in the evening hours and redu­ce addi­tio­nal peak loads by instal­ling char­ging stations.


  • Integration of char­ging points wit­hout addi­tio­nal net­work expansion
  • Expansion of char­ging parks
  • Use of self-gene­ra­ted PV ener­gy for char­ging elec­tric vehicles

Our service — your project

Possible system topology

Example project solar carport

Solar car­ports are ide­al for gene­ra­ting green power on sea­led sur­faces and sus­tain­ab­ly char­ging your elec­tric vehic­les on site.

We as TRICERA ener­gy offer you a com­ple­te sys­tem from one source. An exem­pla­ry pro­ject would be:

  • 100 kWp solar carport
  • 100 kWh bat­tery sto­rage unit
  • 10 x 22 kW AC char­ging points, pos­si­bly also a 150 kW fast char­ging station