Analysis of own consumption

Would you like to have your indus­tri­al site, your com­mu­ni­ty, or your agri­cul­tu­ral busi­ness che­cked for whe­ther a bat­tery-included gene­ra­ti­on con­cept is eco­no­mically via­ble for you? Based on your load pro­fi­le and your spe­ci­fic cir­cum­s­tances, we ana­ly­ze the pos­si­bi­li­ty of using a bat­tery sto­rage sys­tem in con­nec­tion with rege­ne­ra­ti­ve gene­ra­tors or in con­nec­tion with EV-char­ging sta­ti­ons and other con­troll­able lar­ge consumers.

Market analysis in the utility-scale sector

Are you an uti­li­ty com­pa­ny or finan­cial inves­tor, and you want to invest in stand-alo­ne bat­tery sto­rage sys­tems or hybrid power plants? We ana­ly­ze pos­si­ble reve­nue streams and the right com­bi­na­ti­on of these. We use simu­la­ti­on models tech­no­lo­gi­cal cha­rac­te­ristics of bat­tery sto­rage sys­tems in con­nec­tion with other tech­no­lo­gies (PV + Wind + X) to analy­ze pos­si­ble reve­nue streams. Based on this, we can show you the eco­no­mic­al­ly opti­mal solu­ti­on and deter­mi­ne the eco­no­mic para­me­ters (IRR, NPV).

Approval process

You would like to imple­ment a pro­ject in the field of rege­ne­ra­ti­ve energies?

We’ll sup­port you in the inte­gra­ti­on of bat­tery sto­rage sys­tems as stand alo­ne sys­tem or in com­bi­na­ti­on with other sources. On request, we sup­port you with our exper­ti­se all around per­mit­ting. These include, for exam­p­le

  • Local deve­lo­p­ment plan
  • Details for a buil­ding per­mit (Approval plan­ning, fire pro­tec­tion, emis­si­ons, etc.)
  • Grid con­nec­tion request and agreement

Area and connection assessment

Are you a lan­dow­ner or do you have access to land or you are a pro­ject deve­lo­per and would like to know whe­ther your land is sui­ta­ble for bat­tery sto­rage sys­tems or other green tech­no­lo­gies (PV + Wind + X)? We are hap­py to advi­se you on whe­ther your loca­ti­on and the tech­ni­cal con­di­ti­ons are sui­ta­ble. This includes grid con­nec­tion, geo­gra­phic loca­ti­on (noi­se, fire pro­tec­tion), access, local deve­lo­p­ment plan, etc. 

Driving projects forward together

Do you need sup­port with pro­ject deve­lo­p­ment, are you inte­res­ted in our sys­tem solu­ti­ons or do you want to find out more about TRICERA? We will be hap­py to advi­se you and work with you to find a sui­ta­ble solu­ti­on for your challenge.